What is the purpose of the programme?

BetaDen North Cleantech Bootcamp is a network of expertise that helps you get your Cleantech idea off the ground...

Since February 2022, a series of inspiring workshops at Wyre Forest House will see industry leaders share their knowledge, insight and examples of best practice in developing innovative, low-carbon solutions with businesses of all sizes.

Our Cleantech Bootcamp has commenced, where our exclusive cohort founders take part in a 60-day programme, receiving specialist support to commercialise their ideas. The programme culminates in a pitch and showcase event, demonstrating innovations born in Wyre Forest to potential customers, partners and investors.

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Is the programme right for me?

Are you an established business?

Government initiatives to put sustainability at the heart of the business agenda are driving operational change and opening up commercial opportunities throughout the supply chain. Taking time out from the day-to-day running of your business to identify or develop new technology can be a challenge though.

BetaDen North’s Cleantech Workshops and Bootcamp provide the perfect opportunity to get away from the office and spend focused time bringing new innovations to market, learning from industry experts and building invaluable supplier, partner and customer networks.

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Are you an entrepreneur or start-up?

Surrounding yourself with the right people is key to business success. BetaDen North’s team of experienced Cleantech specialists are here to help you commercialise your sustainable business idea.

Access the latest information, meet potential customers and development partners, and build those crucial peer-to-peer networks that can help you turn your Cleantech idea into a commercial reality.

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The Programme Timeline

  1. 12 January 2022
    Bootcamp recruitment opens
    Register to find out more about BetaDen North Cleantech Bootcamp and keep up to date with latest announcements
  2. 12 January 2022
    Workshop recruitment opens
    Book your place on one or more of our informative workshops, led by industry leaders
  3. 2 March 2022
    Workshop: Decarbonising in response to new industry supply chain drivers
  4. 10 March 2022
    Workshop: Extend your Digital Transformation for major sustainability gains.
  5. 11 April 2022
    Bootcamp application deadline
    Get your application in to join the BetaDen North Cleantech Bootcamp and gain access to a wealth of expert support to bring your idea to market
  6. 14 April 2022
    Bootcamp cohort selection deadline
  7. 14 April 2022
    Bootcamp lineup announced
  8. 26 April 2022
    Bootcamp onboarding session
  9. Week commencing 25 April 2022
    Bootcamp programme commences 
    Our 8 Bootcamp members begin their 60-day programme to bring their cleantech ideas to life, up until 23rd June
  10. 28 April 2022
    Workshop: Bringing Net Zero to the heart of your business strategy – planning for the future
  11. 10 May 2022
    Workshop: Beyond R&D: how can my business innovate to support decarbonisation?
  12. 23 June 2022
    Showcase event

    Celebrate innovation at our showcase event, joined by industry leaders, development partners and potential investors

Why is Cleantech important?

Over 40 world leaders committed to the ‘Glasgow breakthroughs’ at COP26 late last year - a series of commitments to speed up the development of clean technologies to meet climate targets by 2030.

Cleantech includes any process, product or service that reduces negative environmental impacts through:

  • significant energy efficiency improvements
  • reduction in use of fossil fuels
  • the sustainable use of resources
  • or environmental protection activities.
  • The Climate Change Act also means we are committed to a series of carbon budgets designed to help the UK meet its 2035 and 2050 goals, which has real world implications for every business. With environmental issues impacting every sector in every economy around the world, developing solutions is vital to the future of our planet. It also represents a huge opportunity to reimagine our economies and create high-quality, sustainable jobs across our communities.

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