Cleantech can be an innovative process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts through:

  • significant energy efficiency improvements
  • reduction in use of fossil fuels
  • the sustainable use of resources
  • or environmental protection activities

  • The good news is that investment is now flowing into Cleantech – Bloomberg estimated $500bn globally last year – and this is set to grow. And the need is vast, creating new potential markets and opportunities for growth across all industry sectors. To enter these markets and navigate them successfully, established companies, start-ups, and investors will need a sophisticated and ever-evolving understanding of technical advances, customer demands and commitments, and policy environments.

    If not now, then when?

    The UK’s commitments in the sixth carbon budget mean that we need to make significant progress by 2030 – only eight years away. The business decisions we make now will determine whether we achieve those goals; the development, adoption and scale-up of cleantech innovation needs to play a pivotal part in today’s – not tomorrow’s - decisions.

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